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Are Your Mastermind Group & Network Failing You Or Helping You?

Are Your Mastermind Group & Network Failing You Or Helping You?  

A Critical Question in Business & Life!

How Will You Know?

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Is the state of your network and masterminds helping you get to the next level of business or hurting you? Does it need repair or reconstruction?  Don’t you feel you need to know?  A strong vital network and group of masterminds is one of the most critical needs you have if you want to move. Approaching 40 or over 40 and feeling challenged in continuing the pole vault up to the next level. It becomes even more critical as we age.  Take the Discovery Survey Here Now.


Call For Content Partners for Big Ideas Mastermind Summit, Ixtapa, Mexico Jan. 5-8, 2018

Do you believe that 1+1 can often equal 3, or 4?  Are you looking for significant growth in your Influencer status in 2018? You can stimulate and energize a group of business and organizational leaders to make 2018 truly a transformational year.  Do you personally want to start 2018 off stronger than 2017 in an almost magical, and yes, warm setting?  Does getting inside the ropes and all the workshops at a real Blues and Blues Rock-Festival intrigue you as well, as perhaps even performing yourself, with or without the All-Star blues band in attendance backing you up.

You answered yes to two or more of the questions.  This announcement from the team at will be of interest.

“Today (September 4, 2017) we open the doors to discussions with suitable content partners.

Top quality Masters level content in Branding, New Customer Acquisition, Real Engagement, Generating Big Transformational Ideas, and Using Meditation and Mindfulness in Business is of particular interest. There will also be a presentation on the opportunities and pitfalls of doing business in Mexico and Latin America.

Our summit portion will consider actions we take and contribute to as a Mastermind group to developing better future leaders in our communities and the world. If you are an expert in developing future leaders, we want to talk to you too. Should you attend? How do you want to start your year?

You won’t believe the transformation for your business or life! Masterminds with a twist.  All about Peak Performance & Next Level Achievements.

At our events, you always get Dinner & Desserts, many Desserts. For example, one this year, just one of many, is that you get full backstage and inside the ropes access to the Tequila Blues Explosion Festival International in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo January 5-8.

The first in our series of events for business and organization owners and leaders in destination locales throughout Mexico, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Follow the programming and event details by signing up at”

Want to talk. Just send us a note to “” and we’ll arrange to talk online or by phone.  A great 2018 begins now!


Here’s 50 Marketing Tips-Where Are You Going To Start?

Every day in business and in life we could be whirling dervishes. A little this, a little that. Multi tasking going nowhere. Decide on your top three actions for any day consistent with your monthly, quarterly, bi annual and yearly goals. Not as easy as it sounds. We become responsive and distracted by outside events and people contact. I first saw goals related actions referred to as your themes by James Altucher. Don’t beat yourself up if you had difficulty moving forward on actions you promised to take. However, if your actions were not consistent with your yearly and long term themes, and that problem is an ongoing one, then it is time to hire a business and life coach and come to our Big Ideas Mastermind Summit.

Pro Tip: Focus on #50 first and always.

Life Throws Us Many Curve Balls…Can You Hit A Curve Ball

Have You Been Invited? The Big Ideas Mastermind Summit January 5-8, 2018 Ixtapa, Mexico

The Best Leads For Business Are…?

FOMO is Rampant. Use Urgency And The Fear of Missing Out To Increase Donations And Sales And More

Todays Paco Method Pro Tip  Use FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out.

Powerful Stuff.  You may remember the Fabulous Thunderbirds song lyrics.  “And that’s Powerful Stuff” Well it is.urgent photo

“Urgency is one of the most important features of strong fundraising or sales. That’s because for most donors or buyers, deciding they’ll give later is a default decision not to give ever. That’s why knowing how to create a sense of urgency is so important — one of the key tools for fundraisers and anyone in business.

This is based on info in the John Haydon blog post: How to Add Urgency to Your Fundraising Appeals Without Being Pushy.                    In my own experience, being too pushy is not something you should worry about if you’ve got a great offer, product or organization; you are in far greater danger of failing to be emphatic enough than you are of being too pushy! From Haydon here are things you can do to increase urgency in your fundraising or sales:   -Talk about the most important thing: Them. Always!  -Talk about the urgent news. If your cause is in the news, jump on the free publicity. -Tell them what they’ll miss if they don’t act now. What are the consequences of failing to respond? Make it clear! -Tell them their impact will be doubled for a limited time. (The standard 2×1-always popular) Offers that allow donors to leverage their giving work like crazy. -Tell them that seats are limited. Is there some reason the opportunity is limited? Tell your donors. Scarcity and last chances are compelling. -Tell them to do it NOW.   Make it utterly clear how and why response now is necessary.” Make the fear of missing out real and immediate. Adapt Haydon’s excellent post today.                                                                               We have special 2 for 1 training for the next 10 organizations/businesses that contact us within 24 hours.

The Number 1 Method of Gaining New Customers Most Businesses Miss On

Our feature article for June is:  The number 1 method of gaining new customers or clients most businesses and organizations miss on.”  It’s our favorite method, it’s a timeless approach, and it truly works. 

Our flagship, business transformation program, The Paco Method uses this extensively. We recently launched The Paco Method to help business and organizations fill the seats in their restaurants and bars, create lineups at the food truck and keep their stores and offices full.  It’s a complete New Customer Acquisition and Loyalty system.   

It’s a managed system. It has multiple parts that are deployed by us and the clients in stages, to achieve the best return on investment and the most stable of cash flow revenue for the client.  You can read an earlier overview and background piece on The Paco Method here,  as well as more information Here.

If you just came here to get some quick ideas on how to obtain New Customers let me help as well.  Perhaps we can develop a future relationship, and that’s where all new customers start.  They become at least somewhat interested or aware of our businesses. New Customer Development Rule #1: Warm is far better than cold.

Here’s a Report with 32 plus customer marketing ideas you can download in pdf form. Plus more ideas in link form if you’re still looking for more after seeing the 32 plus presented.  All we ask is that you share the list or sign up with your email.

Download 32 New Customer Marketing Ideas For Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks, Retail, Professionals and Many More Here.

The Paco Method system is a complete managed New Customer system with components that integrate well.  The added synergy of using the right ones at the right time is real.

but the #1 Method, my favorite go-to method if I had to pick one, that is just not talked about enough and used enough, is:

Taking A Highly Proactive Approach To Presenting Recent Authentic Reviews & Testimonials About Your Business & Facilitating Word Of Mouth.  Processes that work both in a digital social world and a face-to-face coffee chat world.

What do you do in your own life?

You’re a business owner…you buy expensive and everyday items
Do you read reviews, do you children or your partner read reviews before you go out.

So when it comes to their own business, most business owners shy away from creating systems to allow prospective new customers to hear what others have said.  Why?  Simply their Fear and their reluctance to demand the highest of standards in their business. Fear their products are not good enough, their staff is not well trained, fear of the unknown generally.  The biggest fear is of being criticized for something that is often their life’s passion.  Fear of the negative individual. It cuts to the core.

Bring me solutions when you bring me problems, my high-level superiors often told me.

We get positive reviews and word of mouth when we do a great job, we get scathing reviews and get even comments when we do a poor job.  That might comprise about 10-15% of our customers, perhaps even less.  It’s that group in the middle, that don’t leave reviews unless we implement systems for them to tell us about their experience.

As consumers, we look for well-written reviews that seem authentic, the more the better, and were recently written.  We are jaded. We know how the system can be manipulated.

I do have a hobby of writing reviews when I am in other people’s businesses, especially when I am in a tourist situation. You never totally take off your consultant’s hat of course.  The folks at Trip Advisor recently told me that a simple review I had written about the pros and cons of staying at a particular hotel, using my own system, that I teach business owners to incorporate now, had been read over 5700 times in one year and had received many helpful votes. I was amazed.  Word of mouth has been powerful since the days that folks that started sharing bread and water, coffee, tea, wine, you name it, looking into each other’s eyes.  Today, it moves at lightspeed and there is often no coffee needed.

Here’s a recent presentation from the ReviewsTrust folks that summarized the key facts well, I thought.

Reviews Work!

  • 70% of people say they look at Reviews BEFORE making a purchase (
  • 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site (business) that has product ratings and reviews (
  • Reviews Increase consumer trust by 12x  (

What A Fool Believes?  Remember the very popular The Doobie Brothers song?  We’re business fools. We’re so in love with our ideas, our vision, our passion, our hard work that we believe that we forsake external thinking.  Even when we get it all right and finely tuned internally in our business, if the future client and the repeat client does not see that and others are not hearing about it, we are ultimately doomed to failure.  Our customers, and what they think of their experience with us, can, in the end, make us successful or failures.

A Reviews System can make you a winner.  Reviews, Testimonials, Word of Mouth, Referrals, Local Search, Feedback, Focus Testing, Community Involvement and more.  All aspects of an externally focused business, essential aspects. Tweet This.

The building blocks of your highly effective Reviews method to acquire New Customers and turn them into Lifetime Customers are fairly basic.

-Be Findable In Local Search  (People read reviews, people search for business that will give them a good experience nearby)

-Be Ready To Attract All Walk By and Last Minute Type Shoppers Into Your Premises,

-Present Always Fresh Recent Reviews Online And At Your Place of Business,

-Be Prepared To Answer All Questions Before The Customer Experience Begins,

-Make The Customer Experience The Best Possible,

-Ensure Every Customer Is Requested To Leave An Honest Review Before They Leave Your Business,

-Ask At Least Twice While They Are With You.

-Seek Their Contact Information For Various Forms of Followup.

But let’s go back to the first one, Be Findable, and do that properly to start.

15 Directories You Need To Be Listed

2017 Top Online Directories

Which One:  Google My Business or Facebook.   Well Both Of Course.

Facebook Wants Local Business TooWhen You Have A Steady Stream Of Fresh Reviews Coming In

How To Show Off Your Customer Reviews and Testimonials

To start, we always advise “keeping it real”.  “Real recognize real” say the street kids playing ball on the playgrounds.  People will be impressed you bring a fair and balanced eye to your review.  The same reason we decide those kinds of news stories on the media are the most trustworthy.  The credibility comes from the way they are put together.

You probably already know how important reviews are in terms of marketing your products and services. They break down the barriers your potential customers may have when trying to decide whether or not to do business with you.

Reviews and testimonials can bring a lot of credibility to your business, which ultimately results in higher conversions and more revenue.

Whether you’re a dentist, handyman, attorney, chiropractor, electrician, or other local services company, it is important to build up a certain level of trust with your prospects – and reviews can help you do just that.

In other words, they bring an incredible level of profitability that businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Maybe you already have some glowing reviews and are wondering how to get more eyes on them. This is key.

Here are five places you can show them off for maximum exposure.

  1. Your website

Displaying customer reviews on your actual website will really help draw in sales because these prospects are obviously already interested in your business.  So putting your customer reviews and testimonials where they can clearly see them will only work to your benefit. Ideally, you should have a testimonials page, but don’t be shy about posting a few of them on your home page and other pages as well.

  1. Social Media

It’s hardly surprising that displaying your reviews on social media is going to give you ultimate exposure. With millions of visitors every day, these sites give you the opportunity to show off your ratings to a massive number of people. Take Facebook for example.

If you go to the ‘about’ section on your business page timeline, you’ll see it if you edit the address section, there’s an option to check a box which reads “show map, check-ins and star ratings on the page”.  

  1. Place them inside of your e-books or reports

If you’re giving away free e-books or reports to get opt-ins for your email list, put your reviews and testimonials inside of them to boost results. You’re already giving them helpful information that they find valuable by providing the content. Including your reviews and testimonials will further add to the fact that your business is the right one to meet their needs.

  1.  Add them to your printed marketing materials

Just like everything mentioned above, reviews and testimonials can also help any printed advertising perform better. Most of the time, you may be limited on space, but it only really takes one or two reviews to show prospects that you are reputable.

  1. At your place of business

Showing off your reviews and testimonials inside of your place of business is powerful.  It’s a great way to show existing customers that they’ve made the right choice and can go a long way in customer retention and referrals.

Reviews and testimonials themselves are important. But it’s where you display them that brings the real value. Displaying them in the places mentioned above will definitely shine a positive light on your business, increase conversions, and help you generate more sales.

How Do Your Prospective And Current Customers See You

But let’s back this up and help you with the framework you will need to get the best possible authentic reviews on an ongoing basis. Your brand is the extension of the Internals we mentioned before translated to the External environment.  What your Customer or Client sees or feels from their experience with your business.

This is the Master’s course content for a long-term successful business.  For a successful small business, the owner, manager or leader is the brand and the message and all staff and all aspects of the external environment support it.  For a political figure, the famous Roger Ailes book title, You are the Message”, applies still today.  Leaders are a key part of any Brand created.  This is what

This is what we present at our 20-20 Leaders With Vision Retreats/Masterminds where we help business and organizations by developing leaders, the brand identity and the external communications within a feedback system.  We help you ensure that your Internals Identity matches your External communication, knowing that it is only through Customers and Clients who willingly choose to work with us, that we are successful.

Time for a quick plug for our Masterminds Retreat conference on January 4-11, 2018 in Ixtapa, Mexico. Turning New Customers Into Raving Fans and Zealots For Your Brand.  Let us know if you’d like more information.  Earlybird registration is now open.

Amazing Sunsets

The book, Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon, is an excellent overview of the key aspects of a successful brand.

Why do some brands succeed beyond all reasonable expectation, while other brands that are just as good or even better wind up failing within a few months? How is it that an Oprah becomes an icon, while dozens of other talk show hosts quickly fall into oblivion? Why does Nike inspire such loyalty, while other brands of shoes struggle for market share?

In the book Primal Branding, Patrick Hanlon explains his theory for “Creating zealots for your brand, your company and your future.” He explains how the powerful brands become that way by carefully (and sometimes accidentally) creating a community of believers by employing seven different marketing tactics. All seven of these components are found behind every super-successful brand, product, service, personality, social cause, religion or movement.

Imagine if your product inspired the same level of loyalty that Apple, Disney and Starbucks receive from their customers. Now imagine you can actually engineer that loyalty right into your brand – it makes your head spin a bit, doesn’t it?

According to Patrick, these are the 7 key ingredients that you or your product, service or brand must have to inspire zealous loyalty.

  1. The Creation Story – This is the back story that sets the stage. Think of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their parents’ garage building the first personal computer, Jeff Bezos writing Amazon’s business plan in the backseat of his car, or pharmacist  Dr. John Pemberton concocting Coca-cola.

You need a back story for your product, service or business. This might be how you got the idea, your struggle to solve a problem, your inspiration, etc. Storytelling is as old as language itself and touches people on a very deep, primal level. Do you want to foster a real, unifying connection on a subconscious level with your prospect? Then you need a story.

  1. The Creed – This is what you believe in, your core principle, your mission statement. A creed differentiates and motivates. According to Sidney Pollack, “It’s the spine that supports the entire enterprise.” See if you can recognize these creeds:

“It’s the real thing”

“Save the whales”

“All men are created equal”

“Just do it”

So what’s your creed? Invest some time to get this right. And if you have more than one product and the products are wildly different, know that you’ll want a different creed for each one. For example, you won’t have the same creed for an info product on traffic generation as an info product on building your abs.

  1. The Icons – These are best defined as a quick concentration of meaning. This could be a logo like the Nike swoosh, the smell of Cinnabons in the mall, a country’s flag, a national anthem, Alice Cooper’s eye make-up, Kiss’s face make-up, the Budweiser Clydesdales, Disney’s castle as well as Disney’s 2 black mouse ears, McDonald’s arches, the 2 notes Law and Order plays just before the show appears, the opening music to any television show or the 5 signature notes of Intel.

Choose your icon carefully, and then use it in all of your marketing. Update it when needed, being careful not to lose it in the process. It should always be instantly recognizable and tightly tied to your brand.

  1. The Rituals – This is how our customers interact with your product and service, and how you interact with them. This one is a little harder to define and illustrate. We have rituals for everything we do on a frequent basis, including brushing our teeth, doing laundry, driving our car and checking our email. The key here is to focus on improving the experience the customer has with your product or brand. How can you raise the experience to a higher level? How can you make it more enjoyable, or even something they look forward to? How can you take the stress out and put the fun in?

Here’s a great example: The ritual of flying. While most airlines are cutting every frill to the absolute bare bone, Virgin is moving in the opposite direction. They hand you a plastic shoulder sack full of goodies. There’s a television screen on the back of every seat. They serve Virgin Cola and let you listen to music and watch movies non-stop.

What can you do to make the ritual of discovering, buying and using your product more enjoyable – so enjoyable, in fact, that people will talk about you and your product?

  1. The Pagans, or Nonbelievers – These are best defined as “those other guys.” Us against them. Apple vs P.C. and Internet Explorer vs Firefox vs Chrome. One political party vs their opposition. One sports team vs their rival. Nothing unites a group faster than having a common ‘enemy.’ 7up declared itself the “un-cola.” Taco Bell tells you to “think outside the bun.”

Defining your pagans is important in defining who you are. Do you teach methods of getting free traffic? Then paid traffic traffic methods are your pagans. Do you show people how to eat only clean, healthy foods? Then pseudo foods, pseudo food manufacturers and people who eat pseudo foods are your pagans.

  1. The Sacred Words – words specific and exclusive to your own product, service or brand. Walt Disney has ‘Mickey Mouse,’ ‘Goofy’ and ‘Donald Duck.’ Starbucks has a ‘grande.’ Dr. Seuss invented an entire world of sacred words. Apple has “think different.” Texters have their own sacred language. Information product creators and authors create their own terms to define what they’re teaching. By creating your own sacred words, your fans and followers are on the inside of the secret circle with their own language. It’s a cohesive, insider’s-only knowledge that brings a group together.

Think of a young couple in love – they develop their own language that is indecipherable to anyone else, and in this way they become 2 against the world. You can replicate this with your own sacred words, so don’t be afraid to get creative – your customers will love you for it.

  1. The Leader – this person is the catalyst, the risk taker, the visionary, the iconoclast who set out against all odds to achieve something. Think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah, Gandhi, Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela and others who have led movements, companies and causes.

The leader could be the founder or it could be someone who takes their place functionally or symbolically. This means if you don’t want to be the leader, you can choose someone else, like a spokesperson for your brand.

Does all of this sound like too much work just to sell a product? Perhaps it is if you’re thinking small. If your goal is to sell a few hundred copies of something and move on, then you don’t need these 7 steps. But if you want to create something that takes on a life of its own and grows exponentially, then adhering to every one of these 7 pieces of the Primal Code is essential.

We talk about making a video or an idea or a product go viral. How does that happen? Is it an accident, or is it because that product or idea meets every one of these  7 criteria? Spend some time looking at the famous people and especially popular brands, and see if they don’t use all 7 of these in their marketing.

Look at it this way – if you could create a brand that grows like a religion, wouldn’t you want to? Imagine the people you can help, the alliances you can forge, and the profits you can make.

There it is. The number 1 method to acquire New Customers.  Create a Reviews & Word Of Mouth system that you work at every day if you are a do it yourself owner or manager, or let professionals like us manage for you.  The Systematic Approach is key.

We very much live in an online world today. We ignore it’s power to hurt us at our peril. We don’t have to just play defence.  We ignore it’s power to help us create successful businesses and organizations at our peril.  We can crush the competition…with a good heart, with the right combination of our online and offline strategy and tactics.

Over the next 30 days, you’ll find the best ideas from The Paco Method outlined here and on our Facebook and Twitter Paco Method pages.  You are most welcome to follow along.

Each one on its own will be gold, for you, we hope, but I need to provide our disclaimer that the magic only really kicks in when all or the most appropriate ones are used for your business. The combination of the ones with the best possible results including the number of new customers earned, and the net cost of their acquisition, or your Return on Investment.

So while most of the methods are mostly already well known, it is how they are implemented that matters most and when.  Like a football playbook.  The plays are in place. The game is managed by the Co-ordinators and the Offensive and Defensive Quarterbacks.  Half time adjustments are critical as well.  The team with the best in-game strategy and execution usually wins, if the talent is equal. Never fear, we do have a few secret and trick plays too with Paco’s Football team too, and we make sure the talent we put on the field is going to be some of the best available and work well together as a unit.

For some of you who are reluctant to seek help, yet you feel the struggle every day, I just ask a few questions.  What’s the value of every New Customer?  What if that Customer became a repeat customer, even a lifetime customers.  What’s your ROI of not using The Paco Method, an ongoing managed system of creating new customers and our professional assistance, or any others professional assistance, for that matter?  Or if The Paco Method is only partly successful in the first year?  What’s the ROI of filling 50% of all current empty seats in your establishment 50% of the time?  If I told you that we had an irresistible offer to all clients in the next 30 days that took away any risk of this program not being successful and provided you with amazing benefits for being an early entrant into our program.

If I told you that we had an irresistible offer to all clients in the next 30 days that took away any risk of this program not being successful and provided you with amazing benefits for being an early entrant into our program.  Well we do.  We’d be glad to explain it to you.  Just send us an email to “bob at”  or follow The Paco Method on Twitter and send us a message.

I strongly encourage to take some positive action today to create a strong and effective Reviews system in your business and organization.  Stop dappling with it.  Go all in.  It works, I promise.

If you found this article of benefit please share with your business and organizational colleagues. Thank you.  We’d love to see you in Ixtapa, Mexico at our Mastermind Retreat in early January.

Paco Is On Twitter

Tweeting about The Paco Method @pacomethod for growing Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks, Cafeterias and many other similar businesses that want to fill the seats and create long lineups and crowded stores on a consistent basis.  

Have you got any empty seats? No lineups, short lineups. Inconsistent cash flow. Few repeat customers.  The good news. It doesn’t have to be permanent. You need a managed system and the right mindset.

Follow us on Twitter here and join the conversation.  Ideas and advice on acquiring New Customers and Clients almost daily. 

Paco is on Linkedin too and soon a special community on Facebook.  More information also on this site here.  You can read more about The Paco Method here, you can Click this link to get started or you can contact Bob Rempel directly by email at “bob at” and we’ll set a time to talk personally.  

The wise Paco might say to the question: “How Do You Develop A Loyal Lifetime Customer & Fan”?

“Get The Right New Customer First…Then We Start With The Method”


Why Is This Called The Paco Method Bob?

The Paco Method Customer Formula & System

Why Are You Calling This The Paco Method Bob?
What the H… Is It Man?
Who is Paco?  Who Is It For?  What Can It Do For Us?
Give Us 5 Quick Reasons The Paco Method Will Be Perfect For Our Business!
And The Questions Keep Coming. They Deserve Answers And We’ve Got Answers.
“It’s About The Empty Seats, No Lineups, Empty Store, No Names On The Appointment Calendar”, I responded, “Truly Your Number 1 Problem If You’re In Business”   Tweet This.
“But Let Me Start The Answer With A Story, Please”, I Said.
It was the Sunday just before New Years in Ixtapa, Mexico, and people weren’t ready to wind up their vacations. Mid afternoon, either time for a late lunch or early snack. I was walking around, but it wasn’t easy.  The foot traffic was heavy. If you know Ixtapa, you’ll know there are many restaurants and bars off the main street in a commercial area where it’s just foot traffic.
I was alone. First I passed one establishment with the tv on loud enough for me to notice and a waiter handed me a menu with a smile.  I said gracias and on I went.
Next, I passed a new bbq restaurant…ribs and more, not fine dining, but likely great tasting food and perfect for a tourist crowd.   Not open yet, and sort of hidden away.  They were going to need a great marketing approach just to fill the seats, it appeared to me at first glance.
Then I came up to a place let’s call Franklin’s Restaurant & Brews
I sat down and observed…
So I started talking with Tess, the greeter standing outside.  Tess was a friendly sort, with a great smile, and we chatted a bit in between her “Hello” type greeting to the  Tourists in groups of 2, 3, 4 and even larger, that kept walking by quite regularly. A treasure trove of new customers, it seemed to me, but she had “no game”.
Perhaps it was her restaurant and bar and owner who had no game.  I don’t know for certain.   “I’ve got too many customers and I want to keep my seats empty, said no restaurant and bar owner ever, I thought to myself.  But maybe I had found one.  Successful, complacent, not enough motivation to make that extra dollar.  With that kind of thinking the seeds of ultimate destruction have been sowed, I said to no one in particular.
Well, I just read something recently that famed chef and restaurant owner, Gordon Ramsay had submitted.

Gordon Ramsay

Worth sharing with her. Firstly I said, I’m just a simple customer who wants to go where there seems to be a chance for good food at a good price.  What do I look for?  I just want to see how full the place is at normal busy times, Busy at off times really piques my interest.  There has to be a reason why the place looks busy.  I’m willing to take a chance.   I walk in.    So what’s that principle of human behavior, I said?  Important I think to know and remember. I’m not the only one who is willing to follow…for great food, great atmosphere, great value. I don’t know what is the reason until I’m inside, But I have to try.

“They start thinking about the bright lights and accolades instead of filling their restaurant. As opposed to worrying about being famous, worry about the restaurant being popular within your neighborhood. The NYTimes, Michelin, The New Yorker, they will come visit you if it’s the best in the neighborhood, but don’t worry about outside of that neighborhood. Become full on a Monday, Tuesday, and a Wednesday. If a restaurant in its first six months can be full on a Monday and Tuesday, then the rest of it takes care of itself.

The second thing is to know your customers. Cook within the vicinity you are in and don’t start reaching too far too soon.”

So off I went and spent the next three months researching and preparing the best of “New Customer Acquisition” strategies for businesses like these Ixtapa restaurants.  Lots of traffic. However, no game when it comes to luring customers into their place of business. I use lure in the most positive way.  Think of a fishing lure. Flashy, enticing, a true persuader, and it keeps working in the water.  Persuasion brings them in.  Then the system requires the business to truly deliver on its promises and initial appeal.  The process towards creating high value lifetime customers and fans.

The Paco Method was our working title but in the end we decided to brand the program this way.  It is easily repeatable methods that together form a complete system.  The best in return on investment because everyone needs better value from their marketing.  The best in data collection or we’re not going to be able to tweak it when necessary.

So When We Met Again Recently The Questions Kept Coming.

Why Is This Called The Paco Method?  

Paco in Spanish is Ferdinand. Like the Bull?

No, I Replied, There Is Much More Finesse Behind It.

It’s called The Paco Method because in business we can all use The Paco Methods to get potential customers who are walking by our business or seeing, in person or virtually, our business and what we offer, into our business and buying from us.

Is Paco Real Or An Imaginary Individual?

Paco is real, he is 15 and he’s got more marketing and sales mojo than most of us twice or three times his age.

Paco is in the food business.   Paco deals with tourists every day on the beaches of Acapulco.  Paco has products he believes in. He walks by them, just the reverse, but so similar in a way.  

He has 5 seconds to turn them into potential customers, and perhaps ongoing customers & fans.  Maybe not for his lifetime, but his methods are designed to turn them into lifetime fans of the Paco brand and products.  

What caught my attention the most was the fact he speaks 10 languages, enough of each to engage in a conversation with potential customers.   A critical rule of engagement is to bring down the barriers that everyone puts up when they see a sales person walking to them or they feel they have fallen into a sales trap.

The conversation is real, he is a bit of a novelty when they see his maturity in his teenage years, and the fact he just spoke with them in their first language.

The Paco Method is our brand and marketing name here at the RempelGroup Team for a customer and client development formula and system that “Gets Them & Keeps Them” if we can dumb it down to what it does.  

The System is formally called “From The First 5 Seconds To A Lifetime Customer & Loyal Fan”:  Acquiring & Keeping Valuable Customers For Your Restaurant, Bar, Food Truck & All Other Food Businesses.   We know it works for many other businesses and organizations as well, and we’ll be launching new Paco Method programs for other types of business with our partners over the next 12 months.

All of us in business can learn from Paco, wise in marketing well beyond his years.   We created a full ongoing system of new customer acquisition and lifetime customer development with full operational support from us that you can use daily.  It was all inspired by Paco.

I’ll send you the links to the Paco story and video that went viral online, I said to her.

Paco sells empanadas in 10 languages

Video Link:  (Viral-Interview) (Viral Live Tv Interview 2)  and  

And the questions continued!

Q. Who Is It Best For?  

A. For All New or Relaunching Businesses Who Want To Consistently Fill The Seats & Create Long Lineups

Q. Who Is Delivering The Paco Method?  

A. Bob Rempel and the RempelGroup Team…30 years of marketing & communications expertise leading a talented team of individuals that produce results in today’s world.  Bottom line thinking always.

Q.  Why you, how do I know this will work, 

A. This is what we do, it’s our specialty. We provide guarantees and options for a compensation based on results implementation. Picture this. It’s almost gif like… Your empty restaurant, bar or food truck looking in from outside with you the worried owner looking on. Then Paco enters the picture and your picture changes to a full restaurant, bar or food truck lineup, with many people and many smiles.  High ROI (return on investment) marketing and communications is the answer.  Our system works.  Let’s see if a partnership is a good fit.

Q. Why Should We Be One Of The First?  Why Not Wait Until Others Are Using It Successfully?      

A. Do you remember what Ramsay said, I responded?     

What are the real reasons over 60 percent of all restaurants and bars fail in the first five years? If you make it to five that would be great, I said, many of those never make it past their first year.

This CNBC Article points to the importance of Location, what we’d call knowing your Neighborhood, your Demographics, and your Competition.  It’s about the physical location and it’s about the location you occupy in your potential customer’s mind.

Do your restaurant or bar business appear to be worthy of a visit?  That’s more complicated than it seems.  Every person has different criteria and mental screens on which they assess those they wish to enter into an economic and sensory relationship with.

I’ll tell you what works for me personally I told her.  I’m not selling here.  If I see many of the seats filled and people smiling and enjoying themselves, I want to give that place a try.  So you see why for someone like me, and I know I’m not unique because it’s a basic psychological principle of wanting proof before we put down our own money and time, you’ve got to do anything to first get the seats filled.  Paper the house if you have to.  I’m a valuable lifetime customer, I’m loyal, I value places that keep their staff and stay constant in their offerings with a little flair from time to time of course. First, you’ve got to me to come in.

The article also suggests that Restaurants & Bars live in a new age where digital means allow the world to know your failures so quickly, but less so your successes.  There are some simple management processes I told her that allow you to make sure that your successes and the positive feelings of your new and    We call that simply “stupid”!  Bad business.

Fast Forward to late April. Here’s a published review I saw the other day about the new rib place….My millennial-aged daughter         forwarded it to

People Do Read Reviews! You Need Many, Many Positive Ones To Outweigh 1 Negative Review

me. We were talking about going to try their ribs.  She decided she wanted to try the other place mentioned.  Not enough other positive reviews and word of mouth to counteract this review by some tourists. 

Here’s What I Believe,  And What We Emphasize In The Paco Method Program.  

-You (your restaurant, food truck, bar, other food services) Will Mine Every Piece Of Positive Feedback & Comments

-You Will Become A Star With Your Customers-their friend, their confidant, their trusted advisor on your best food products that day, a leader in the community they will follow

-You Will Become A Star In Your Neighborhood And Your Community And People

-You And Your Staff Will Know Exactly The 5-10 Words You Need To Say To Every Prospective Customer (depending on the type of customer and the read you get) To Get Them To Truly Want To Come Into Your Business.  Yes, This Will Take Some Training & Practice.

-You Will Know And Use 3 Advanced Digital Marketing Methods Almost No One Else Is Using To Lure And Attract New Customers To Your Place of Business.

-You Will Know And Use 3 Old School Marketing Methods and Principles of Persuasion That Go Back To The Times Of Dale Carnegie And Other Master Persuaders That Everyone Else Has Forgotten

-You Will Develop Great Marketing ROI Because You Will Focus On Developing Lifetime Customers From Your New Customers

-You Will Have A Complete New Customer/Lifetime Customer System That We Will Provide As A Total Managed Service Under Your Direction.  You Can Focus On Wowing Customers With Food Quality and Ensuring Your Staff Are The Best Team Possible.

-Best of All, You Have Our Full Guarantee That Your Customer Acquisition Costs Will Be Less Than Your Present Costs And You Can Assure Yourself Of A No Risk Entry By Choosing Either A Per Customer Acquired Payment Plan

-Applications To Use The Paco Method And Our Managed Service Are Now Open.  Only A Select Few Will  Get In In This Round. Entrants in this round will also have the flexibility to end the contract after 3 or 6 months (whichever you decide)   Once the program is well established, new clients will have 1-year agreements or longer.

Q. We’re Interested. So What Should We Do Next?

A. Send us an email note, call us, or go to our start page and download the application form.  Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.


More on Paco the Acapulco beach vendor who went viral.

Paco sells empanadas in 10 languages

Video of Acapulco beach vendor has made him a celebrity

Video Link Here:  (viral-interview) (viral live tv interview 2)  

Mexico News Daily | Saturday, October 29, 2016

A young beach vendor from Acapulco has become a celebrity overnight after a video showing him selling empanadas in his own original way went viral.

Francisco Orihuela Ramírez, 15, is not only a successful salesman, he is also proficient enough to offer his homemade products in 10 different languages — Spanish, English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic and Hebrew — to tourists on the beaches of Acapulco.

Paco, as he is known by his family, is fond of music, plays the guitar and is an avid reader. He also prepares his own products, mostly empanadas, but sometimes a dessert known as flan as well. What he wasn’t prepared for was the instant stardom and attention he has received in the last week.

In his unique way, the youth approaches beachgoers and instantly attracts their attention: “What you’re missing is a little snack, like some empanadas, don’t you think? A good purchase today, as I have ham and cheese, cheese and ham, and diet shark. Salsa and napkins are on the house to draw you in, what do you say?”

Paco can be heard telling his customers that “if you don’t buy empanadas from me now, you’ll have to wait 86,400 seconds, which amount to the 24 hours between today and tomorrow, the time you’ll spend wondering why you didn’t have an empanada today.”

“If the quality of the empanada is not good enough to satisfy your palates’ needs, I would immediately proceed to refund your money,” he said, before relentlessly going on to give his customers no option but to buy two orders.

Paco walks six days a week from the Gran Hotel to the Calinda Hotel, in the Santa Lucía bay area. “It’s several hours,” he said, “depending on how hard I work that day.”

But work, for Paco, is not a burden. “. . . you’ve got to see it as a fun part of your routine. It’s easier that way.”

“I’ve liked business since I was a kid. In primary school, I brought lots of candies and sold them. It’s what I do,” said young entrepreneur told the newspaper Milenio.

Of his sales spiel, he said he was born with it. “I like to do it, see people react to my speech. It’s amusing. Of course I am thinking about what I’m going to say, I always try to do something different, to stand out, but in the end, it’s all just fun.”

The viral recording of that spiel went far, reaching the director of strategic alliances at Telmex, Elías Ayub, who said in a tweet he wanted to get in touch with Paco.

“I’m not joking. If someone knows how to get in touch with him, I would thank you. I want to bring him to work with me NOW.”

The businessman’s enthusiastic tweet paid off and he soon was in contact by phone with Paco’s parents, to whom he offered a scholarship for their son.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Ayub said he learned that both parents are working and they are all right economically. “They said that they are doing OK, and that they don’t need a scholarship, nor are they in need of anything, and that Paco’s video going viral was serendipitous.”

“It is kids like Paco, who are willing to work, who are the entrepreneurs we must help and support, because they make the country a better place,” said Ayub in his recording.

Paco, for his part, said he felt proud of all the attention and thanked Ayub for his words, “and for buying five empanadas.”

Paco said he was interested in meeting people like Ayub, “because we always need investors.”

Source: Milenio (sp), El Universal (sp)

See more at:

What Is The Most Common Mistake New Restauranteurs Make?
Two relevant answers by experienced restaurateurs, from this Quora thread.  More on the Empty Seats Empty Premises problem.

“They try to be superman and do everything so they can be all things to all people.

If that is hard to read or process imagine what it is like trying to live it.

Small business people tend to think they can do it all. After all, they put in the work to get where they are now and were successful so why can’t they keep on that route?

The problem is most people cannot maintain that level of focus and cannot be experts in all fields. My goal is if I can hire someone to do my tasks at least to 80% of what I can do then I should hire them for that so I can focus on what I am good at.

What is a restaurateur’s time worth? If I am worth $50 an hour and I pay someone $15 to do 80% of a job as well as I do then I am getting 180% for $15. I get my time back to focus on what I am best at and I get the other job done as well. Worst case scenario I need to touch up their work.

Why be penny wise and pound foolish trying to spend 4 hours hacking out a plumbing job when a plumber can do it better, faster, and ultimately cheaper.

Then they need to focus on their Unique Selling Point. You cannot easily be simultaneously a high-end wine bar with cheap food, late night music, Chinese Tapas with an Ecuadorean Veg Forward bent, and whatever the top 10 trends list say are going to be popular. Pick a USP and go all in on that.

Then market it. Collect email addresses and get Facebook advertising going. There are so many outlets for marketing and most restaurateurs have a website that hasn’t been touched in a year and think their annual Yellow Pages ad is enough.

Any restaurateur, especially a first timer, needs to learn to focus, to work on what is truly important and not try to be Superman.”

from 12 Year Restaurant Owner Damon Sauer:  written February 6, 2017

“I opened my second restaurant and thought I had done everything right. Advertising, ramp-ups, dry-runs, the works. I didn’t have more than 1 or 2 customers in the first 3 weeks in a 250 seat restaurant. One night during dinner, a couple walked into my empty restaurant and I heard her say to her husband “This place is totally empty, the food must be terrible!” and they turned to leave. I chased after them and explained that we had just opened (Grand-Opening sign wasn’t enough?) – I treated them to anything they wanted. Another week went by and I had already started letting all but a single cook and waitress go home early. 5 pm came and people started coming in, and more people, and more people. Every seat was filled and I only had 1 waitress and 1 cook. I tried calling people back in… but nobody EVER answers a call from the boss after they have been let go early lol. Turns out that that couple was friends with a critic who subsequently reviewed my restaurant in the local paper with 5 out of 5 stars. (It was a local paper I am sure I wouldn’t get a 2 out of 5 in New York). We made it through the night and were busy from that day forward.

Most common mistake – being under-funded. You just know that you will pack your place in the first day/week/month and that just isn’t reality no matter how good your food is.”

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