FOMO is Rampant. Use Urgency And The Fear of Missing Out To Increase Donations And Sales And More

Todays Paco Method Pro Tip  Use FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out.

Powerful Stuff.  You may remember the Fabulous Thunderbirds song lyrics.  “And that’s Powerful Stuff” Well it is.urgent photo

“Urgency is one of the most important features of strong fundraising or sales. That’s because for most donors or buyers, deciding they’ll give later is a default decision not to give ever. That’s why knowing how to create a sense of urgency is so important — one of the key tools for fundraisers and anyone in business.

This is based on info in the John Haydon blog post: How to Add Urgency to Your Fundraising Appeals Without Being Pushy.                    In my own experience, being too pushy is not something you should worry about if you’ve got a great offer, product or organization; you are in far greater danger of failing to be emphatic enough than you are of being too pushy! From Haydon here are things you can do to increase urgency in your fundraising or sales:   -Talk about the most important thing: Them. Always!  -Talk about the urgent news. If your cause is in the news, jump on the free publicity. -Tell them what they’ll miss if they don’t act now. What are the consequences of failing to respond? Make it clear! -Tell them their impact will be doubled for a limited time. (The standard 2×1-always popular) Offers that allow donors to leverage their giving work like crazy. -Tell them that seats are limited. Is there some reason the opportunity is limited? Tell your donors. Scarcity and last chances are compelling. -Tell them to do it NOW.   Make it utterly clear how and why response now is necessary.” Make the fear of missing out real and immediate. Adapt Haydon’s excellent post today.                                                                               We have special 2 for 1 training for the next 10 organizations/businesses that contact us within 24 hours.

Bob Rempel

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