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Best Of Morning Mindset Magic Coaching & Mindsets In Motion

Best Of Morning Mindset Magic Coaching & Mindsets In Motion

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Best of Morning Mindset Magic and Mindsets in Motion

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Today’s Mindset:  Carpe Diem:  Seize the Day!
It’s Summertime!  Officially, fully. Remember the song that goes “It’s Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy”. And so it should be.  

I lost an uncle I had great respect for recently. A good brother and friend of my father. He lived a full life.  But a reminder to me that there is a clock ticking somewhere, and we haven’t got a clue what that expiration date is for each one of us.  Let’s get out there and take the rest of summer by storm and live it.  

Of course, we at Tequila Blues & Rock Explosion Events want to give you summertime living all year long.  Making Saturday nights and every other night that ends in “y”  the best of days.

Everywhere here I see families scrambling to get ready for a mid-August start of school. Enjoy the time left with your kids and grandkids.  (Only in Canada can we wait until after Labour Day to take our kids back.  They take education a lot more seriously in other parts of the world, I’ve learned).

Viva la Vida! Live the Life!

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Wearable Mindsets For A Cause

Wearable Mindsets… For The Cause. In Spanish & English. A dollar, 20 pesos, donated from every shirt purchased to your favorite cause: children, animals or the earth and oceans. 
What do you think my friends? Do you want to wear your morning…and all day…Mindset and Attitude.
Dream Big…Reach High…Hit The Sky…and of course, Play Hard!

The Bright Side Of The Road

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