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About Bob Rempel


Bob has a popular presentation for groups about business, organizations, and life called “Sweet Spot Leadership & Living”. Focuses on how you look for challenges and opportunities that you can “hit it out of the park” in your own life and your business and organization leadership and management.


Bob Rempel is an experienced leader, manager, strategist, and communicator with wide experience in the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors.


Bob at a recent long term social enterprise leadership engagement

Bob blogs here at and at, his other business website. He is currently very active in leading the startup of Integrity Solutions providing 21st-century services and solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations everywhere. He is also spearheading the team effort to create music-based fundraising events such as a Blues and Blues Rock Music Festival called Tequila Blues Explosion Fest and Concerts For A Cause, in Mexico, in Ixtapa. These events support very worthwhile registered charities, such as the children of Talita Cumi orphanage near Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

He is active on social media.  On Twitter @bobremp  he tweets about leadership, coaching, and new school blended with old school business development strategies on Twitter.  His interaction with his growing list of followers and his tweets are visible on most of his web pages.

His personal Facebook page is BobRempel1 and his business pages include RempelGroup among others.

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On his own time, he is an avid baseball fan in person and on tv and loves to attend as many local live music performances and festivals as possible.  He has experience as an international and national high-performance softball coach, athlete, and administrator, as well as the color commentator for many game broadcasts. An upcoming book is tentatively titled “Creating Your Own Walk Off Life” in reference to a baseball term for a dramatic game-ending hit leading to immediate victory.

Computers and the online world have always seen him be an early adopter. Blogging was something he did before the term became popular and he can talk about the Movable Type, MySpace, and Blogger and now knows WordPress inside and out.

He is an active community volunteer including music festivals, golf tournaments, and fundraising drives for local causes.


My Story

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Politician, Competitive Ball Player and Technical Director for International & National Competitions later, Newspaper Reporter/Photographer, Small Business Owner of 2 businesses (that’s all before 30) then Executive Public Relations Director for two large Canadian companies all the way to Executive Director/Director of Development for a social enterprise providing meaningful employment for those with mental health issues that my team and I were able to grow dramatically.

From a landlocked small town in Canada with Mennonite life and religious values permeating everywhere to start my life, to another small town now, with the ocean nearby and majestic sunsets and sunrises, my story is still about Hustle, Drive, Determination.  Every morning is truly a New Day!  A day to express Gratitude. Make sure you are always ahead of the curve, outthinking and anticipating the competition and more.

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The following information is from the About Us page at

“The principal of RempelGroup is Bob Rempel.  Professionally accredited in public relations and communications and financial planning/investment services, Bob brings many years of management and leadership experience and skills in a wide variety of settings to the management consulting and services provided by the RempelGroup.

Most recently he has completed an almost seven-year management stint at a non-profit in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada that created social enterprises to support those with a mental health disability by creating meaningful employment for them. The organization grew dramatically both in terms of the number of individuals served and in terms of overall revenue. At the same time, he continued to develop his online presence and network of sites and services, staying current in this field.

A proven leader and big-picture thinker, his breadth of experience span political action and campaigns, community development, strategic public relations and communications including public affairs, media relations and communications planning, financial planning, and products and investment services both in a small business and large corporate and government environments.

Bob will coordinate the talent and experience brought to each engagement, ensure the systems put in place are state of the art, and have a direct involvement in each activity, structured in a way to best serve the client. Following up with clients, and remaining accountable for results is a key part of our work, which Bob is also responsible for.

Please contact us by email at “ with a phone number and the best time to contact you so we can begin the discussion process leading to the assessment and implementation of positive changes for your business or non-profit.

Our Services & Expertise

The RempelGroup has undertaken and completed many and varied projects and engaged in professional activities for the past 35 years that should give you confidence in your choice of individuals who come ready for the assignment.

Most recently we have completed projects in the following areas.

Non-Profit and Small Biz Management Consulting:

Financial Services: Branch Management, Wealth Management, Financial Planning

Public Relations-Crisis Communications: Media Relations:

Educational Services:

Sports Administration and National/International Coaching

For a detailed list of our projects and for a discussion and quote on your needs please contact us by email or phone.

Media & Testimonials

Bob has significant experience in media relations and getting media coverage and public awareness.

For example, from the almost 7 years management & leadership contract at SSCOPE Inc, a Winnipeg-based non-profit operating numerous social enterprises in support of mental health, Bob and the organization were in the news and talked about in the community often.

SCOPE and Social Enterprise In The News:

Social Enterprise Canada Jan. 29-2014 Social Enterprise Canada Jan. 27-2014—headline-underline-web-headline–202148721.html

Testimonials, Feedback, and Comments:

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